May Motivation


Hello! My name is Yolanda Gallman. I am the founder of Truth Puzzle, Inc. and the author of the Ishmael Syndrome. For the month of May, I am free; available for speaking engagements!I would love to be invited to speak at your next men’s or women’s conference, workshop, recovery program, shelter, or any ministry you have with the mission of setting the captives free!

My heart is to provide a safe nonjudgmental place or space where men, women and youth can feel safe regardless of where their path in life has taken them. It does not matter who they are: single or married, fathers or mothers, depressed or anxious, abused or lost. It does not matter! What matters is the desire and willingness to be set FREE! I desire to help broken men and women and youth become whole again through teaching God’s Word in a uniquely unapologetic format; for the sole purpose of folks learning how to tap into their God given power. The unveiling of the Ishmael Syndrome is intentional! It’s a life of freedom fromaddiction, anxiety, oppression and thoughts of sucide .

I want to help all God’s people live victorious and empowered that is an awakened state of conscienceness to their TRUE identity and the-self worth, which God created in them. We were created to soar. “No weapon formed against us shall prosper. We are the heade not the tail … above not beneath and greater is He who lives is in us, then he who is in the world!” We no longer have to live our life defeated … it’s fraudlent.

If your organization, church community, men or women’s group, youth group,Devotional ,or small group would like to add more fuel for helping your members become inspired with a sense of worthiness, purpose and courage, contact me today! It is my heart’s desire to fellowship with you! I am just a phone call or email away … freedom and deliverance from the Ishmael Syndrome can be your’s today! Invite me today and guess what, I will show up!

In Christ’s Love,




Stay positive, Live intentional on Purpose



Caution: to yield positive results you must Make Your Light Contagious! 


Learning to live life with purpose has to be intentional! No one just wakes up and becomes successful without planning and actions follow intentional planning! Even if it’s just baby steps, once those steps are accomplished they produce fruit when executed properly. Just remember, in life nothing happens by accident. God allows us to go through pain not because He is cruel, He knows that our pain will become a path that lights the way for others who are stuck in the same pain we once experienced. What man meant for evil, the Lord will use for good. (reference Genesis 50:20)

When we train our mind and actions to be aligned with this truth, we literally change the course of our life and the lives of others. Intentional living means starting with the simplest of tasks such as: drinking more water, getting exercise, getting an ample amount of sleep, eating whole food, choosing our relationships VERY carefully, but most importantly realizing being alone is not a death sentence. Sometimes, it is better that we are alone than to be in the midst of the wrong company. If you find yourself constantly surrounded by negative people, it is just matter of time before that energy rubs off on you. There is an old saying, “birds of a feather flock together.” We can very easily become the people, we are surrounded by. Love everyone, but some people for the sake of our individual well-being, we will need to be loved at a distance. Learning how to create healthy boundaries will help you grow exponentially. Our Lord cares who we choose to share our life with . Sometimes, our garden of family and friends or the folks we are surrounded by stifle our grow. They represent the weeds choking out the nutrients or the life that sutain us. There will be times in our life when we will have to leave or uproot ourselves from toxic negative people and environments; to go to a garden of solitude where our Lord can pour living water into our spirit to prepare us for His purpose. As He prepares us, others from the garden of weeds and toxicity will see our growth and many of those people from our past will decide to come join us in the garden of life.


In order to move forward or move towards new goals, means being willing to let go of relationships and things that keep us stuck. Have you ever thought maybe to move from goal to goal you have to pass the test of letting go? Having to feel you have to have all the answers in every situation is a controlling spirit. You do not have to have all the answers, you just have to have one answer, Jesus. Living intentional is all about seeking and trusting God’s word. Every circumstance we encounter, pain, abuse, frustration, relationship(s), or friendship(s) He will lead us through, and He will equip you to LEAD, if you believe. All successful leaders had to learn how to lead and they learnt from their mistakes. Why not start today! Let the Lord lead you out of your mess as you take steps of intentional action in obedience to put yourself in a healthy space spiritually. Learning how to trust your gut feeling is often times under rated. Learning to trust in God’s truth is a matter of the heart.

Discover your destiny by training yourself to live intentional. Your peace is just one piece away.