Egypt in Us

Do you remember hearing the story about the children of Israel and how they were delivered out of bondage from Egypt? Do you remember how God delivered them from slavery through Moses? The story talks about how the Israelites walked out of slavery and walked into the desert, which may have appeared to many perhaps as another very hopeless situation. For many people this probably sounds and appears strange that God would take his chosen people from bondage to a desert where there there would be no food or water. The truth be told after years of captivity, the Israelites appeared and spoke like Egyptians. They acted like the Egyptians and according to scripture in all honesty the Israelites basically had lost their identity and knowing the absolute GREATNESS of their God. God knew the Israelites would have to be cleansed of their Egyptian mindset. He knew He had to get Egypt out of them just as he knows He has to get the Egypt out of us! In other words, anything in our life that exhausts itself in place of or that is contrary to His Word has to be uprooted.

If we are honest, we can all admit there are times in our lives as a Christian or as a non-believer, that our past may haunt us into believing we are going backward in our thinking and actions, when in fact it is one of the oldest tricks of the enemy. Sometimes we can be triggered by certain smells, tastes, or the touch of an individual that mesmerizes or allures us into recounting a past hurt. Whether we choose to accept this concept or not, this bondage that crips our spiritual consciousness has to be uprooted and replaced with truth. The truth is there will always be an enemy lurking to distract us from the will of God.

Sometimes, familiar or past experiences feel better to us versus taking the next steps towards our future, which can often feel scary. It is during those scary times or times of uncertainty, we are placed in unique situations for the purpose of learning how to trust our heavenly Father. During our seasons of learning, how to stretch our faith, it is during those times we learn God our Father will never leave nor forsake us!. For the Israelites, it may have seemed to them God had abandoned them … because they found themselves in a situation where they had to totally rely on Him for food, shelter and protection against the Egyptians. As it may appear and feel to us during our seasons of stretching. What it really comes down to is the Egypt in us is a mindset or perspective that prevents us from seeing challenging circumstances as great moments in times to soar. When we realize that God shows up to show out, He will always do what no man or woman can ever do.

It is extremely important that we don’t let ourselves become blinded by physical attributes of our past, which can sometimes be played over and over again through social media or listening to music that suggests things were better when … we didn’t try to make things better. To get the Egypt in us out of us, we have to intentionally engage our heart and mind to focus on those things that edify the one who created us, which will positively reinforce and rehearse that our best life is always in front of us if we believe! Truthfully, the children of Israel spent more time complaining than giving thanks to God for having been delivered out of slavery. We to must choose not to become preoccupied with the business complaining. When we change our perspective / mindset, we change our future, because blessings are all around when we BELIEVE!

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