Somewhere before the Promise

Joshua 21:45 reminds us, “Not one of the good promises which the Lord had spoken to the house of Israel failed; all had come to pass.” The truth of the matter is the promises of God are sometimes manifested after a storm in life or in the midst of the storm such as: the lost of a love one, sickness or a financial obstacle. Each of us is awaiting a promise. Perhaps, your promise is a word that was spoken over you when you were a child, pertaining to your future spouse. Whether your promise came to you in a form of a reoccuring dream or a parent’s prophetic word, the outcome depended upon your perception and understanding of the power of God.

Our belief system is the backbone of our successes in life. We need only believe in our heart for whatever it is and it will come to pass. Maybe your promise is a place you long to visit. Maybe, you and your spouse are believing for a child. Whatever, you are believing for, in order for these promises to come into fruition there has to be a renewing or a change in your thought process. In other words, there has to be a transformation in the way we think, act and speak. This is known as your ‘WHY’. Life is full of detours. The detours of life always involve a series of tests that prepare us to receive the promises of God. These detours or mishaps in life rarely are pleasant and are usually unescapable. The detours or mishaps should be viewed as vitally needed spiritual training.

When we understand our ‘WHY’ it empowers us to change our perspective for truly understanding and receiving the promises of God known as the ‘Blessings’ of God. We learn what is meant by, “ keeping the main thing the main thing”. We pray and wait! Waiting in this instance figuratively speaking not literally. We should always be working towards our dreams and ambitions with a spirit of expectancy. Expecting the promise of God to be fulfilled in our life and in our family’s life does not mean we stop and do nothing. No contrary to popular believe, we should always be walking and working with a vision in sight. We MUST learn how to discipline our thoughts by learning how to remain single or laser focused, even if feels like all hell is breaking out around you! Keep your goals in sight, knowing faith without work is dead. Philippians 4:18-19 states, “I have received FULL PAYMENT and have MORE THAN ENOUGH. I am AMPLY SUPPLIED … “This scripture is a reminder, THERE WAS AND IS FULL PAYMENT AND WE HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH.

Your promise will come, if YOU believe! Our God supplies ALL our needs!. We need only trust and obey. We don’t need the promise to validate us. We’ve been validated by the promise maker. Whatever promise you’re believing and waiting for, know you have it!. We must keep putting one foot in front of the other and allow the process to work in and through us. We are being changed or transformed daily from the inside out out. It’s called the renewing of our mind and the way we act.. Simply put, “Somewhere Before The Promise can best be interpreted, God cares most about the condition of our heart. He knows our thoughts are a reflection of the condition of our heart. Therefore, change the trajectory of your thought life then you will come to see and understand there are Blessings All Around When You Believe!

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